Weird and Wonderful – Part 1: Istanbul, Iran and India

Half the fun of travelling is finding hilariously named shops, bad Google translations and wonderfully weird objects in excitingly foreign supermarkets. The other half, in case you’re wondering, is trying lots of different foods and drinks.

These are some of the strange things we spotted while travelling.


Nbd, just calling my seagull pals. Public phones in Besiktas, Istanbul.


You mix the egg and the garlic shampoos and you’ve got yourself a fairly decent dish on your head. Popular in Iran.


How’s the multiverse lamb? – Stringy! (…I’m hilarious.)


Have a Sniper. You’re not you when you’re hangry. (Iran also graced us with Bounty Bouno and KitKat DorkIt.)


Beyonce Egg Ornament. Don’t lie, you kinda want it. Randomly found in a very classy shop in Isfahan, Iran.


India just can’t get enough of all things American it seems…


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