Country Stats – Nepal

Each country has official stats, and then it has actually interesting stats. We figured we’d seek out what struck us as the most typical thing for each city/country and tally. Enjoy.


We wanted to tally potholes as we got to see a lot of those in our time in Nepal but to be honest, we lost count sometime in the 500s. There are a lot of potholes both in the cities and in the countryside, many of them due to the devastation caused by the big earthquake that shook the country in 2015. So let us just tell you that Nepalese roads are bumpy in many places. Also, free advice: if you’re driving through Nepal in a bus or coach, don’t sit in the back (as we unfortunately did). The back gets shaken up the worst.


Also, due to the quality of the roads in different areas of the country expect car journeys to take much much longer than you’d expect. It will give you more time to enjoy the fun and colourful trucks on the roads with you!


The Trucks Rock!


Also noticeable: the wildlife!


A Nepalese house needs a goat or five.


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