Update from Paradise

If this trip has shown anything, it is that I don’t make a very diligent blogger. Apologies.

I had the grand plan of blogging consistently to keep everyone up to date and, more importantly, entertained. But much as my expected tan on this trip my blog has been a bit lacklustre so far…


But can you blame me? Every day we wake up to a different world, a different life. 5am calls to prayer, roosters crowing, street vendors or garbage trucks, scooters roaring by or cows grazing. It’s been the buzz of megacities or the soft sound of secluded silence.

We are currently on Gili Air, one of three very small islands of the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. No roaring or buzzing here, as there are no cars or motorbikes allowed on the islands. Every now and then a horse cart clomps by, the bells on the reins jingling.


Beauty parade

This place is so relaxing and peaceful (minus the roosters) that it should be ideal for blogging.


But unfortunately, it’s too damn relaxing.

I can spend hours looking out at the sea, watching little islands of green seaweed appear along the surf when the tide goes back. Simple and wonderful.

Oh also, the internet is incredibly slow and patchy in most places we’ve been 😦 lucky to get any kind of connection, forget about uploading pictures! So i hope you forgive me so far.




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