Welcome little Turtles

After swimming with a turtle for the first time 2days ago (so chilled out!) and sadly not capturing any footage we were incredibly lucky today.

Look who it is!

We saw about 20 baby loggerhead sea turtles hatching under a beach hut on Gili Meno. There were more than 120 eggs, but we needed to move on so could not see all of them emerge. The hatching continues all throughout the night.

The frontrunner taking a little power nap.

The hatchlings were being observed by some people from the Turtle Sanctuary here on Gili Meno. Once they’d made it out of the sand and shown their fighting spirit to get to the ocean, they were gently scooped up and kept in a water tank. They’ll be kept at the sanctuary until they are big enough to not be easy prey anymore (8-12months).


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